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Sunday, March 4, 2012

i dream in color

so... yesterday i had some energy healing done, by one of my longest friends, mom. and another lady, but i dont remember her name. i love energy healing. it was wonderful. i literally felt all of the bad just being pulled out of me. i recommend reiki/energy healing/crystal work/ spiritual guidance to anyone and everyone.

ive been dealing with alot and have been doing some soul searching. ok, alot of soul searching, and it's really incredible what you can find out about yourself when you just listen. stop thinking/overthinking. and just listen. let yourself go and just... be. it's a beautiful thing.

ive started carrying my rocks/crystals again. i have a little bag that i keep in my purse consisting of:
bloodstone: which promotes harmony within
tiger eye: which promotes balance
carnelian: (my favorite) courage
moonstone: emotional control
obsidian: cleansing negativity
green adventurine: regulator/healer of the heart
amythest: spiritual awareness
garnet: inner strength
sodalite: inner peace
hematite: grounding/ calming anxiety

i also carry around a fish and a raven.
my native american spirit guide, i believe, is a fish. the fish symbolizes adaptability, flowing life and success. the fish also gives off positive energy- which i have, all the time :) and the fish also doesn't feel the need to conform...

my zodiac is the raven. and the raven symbolizes self-awareness, carries healing powers, and empathy. the raven is able to empathize with others, understand their wants and needs. the raven is also good with matters of the heart, and people tend to come to a 'raven' with questions and seeking advice. the ravens gifts are also courage and honor, and seeks to always discover and represent the truth.

i... dont remember what i was gonna say. crap. *sigh*

oh yeah. i also light white candles. and pray. ill talk to the angels, talk to my ancestors, ask for help, give praise, give thanks... idk. there's just something about those candles that really put me at ease. and they're not special candles. just plain white votives from the dollar store. i guess its because white symbolizes purity and clarity, so i feel cleansed afterward.

i also absolutely LOVE burning incense. my scent of choice is 'nag champa'. it's an auric energizer, helping bring your energies into harmonious balance. and the smell... absolutely beautiful. i love that my room wreaks of it right now, it's just so pretty, and ill rub the nag champa oil on my temples and it helps clear away my headaches. lori uses it on me whenever she comes to reiki me. i love when she comes. i always feel better, and not just because of the reiki, but because she's an absolutely wonderful earthangel :)

so anyway. the whole dreaming in color thing. i already said that i had gotten some energy healing done yesterday, right? well... last night... i had this crazy dream. and i was laying down. with a purple blanket over me... but i was floating. idk what was going on... but i was in the air. and around me were colors. bright colors. shooting out of my fingertips. purple, purplish blue and green. there was also a little pink here and there. and i had a glow around me. i didnt quite understand it.
and then another part of my dream, i saw these people, who i wont name, but theyre pretty awful and ive been angry with them for quite some time, and even the girl that was in my dream- it's a new anger, but in this part of my dream, they were walking away from me with a green light surrounding them. i was sending them away in green.
now green's my favorite color, but i didn't quite understand it. when i woke up i was kind of out of it, but i felt like i needed to do a little bit of research. so i researched the chakras... and not much to my surprise... the colors really represented ALOT.

i used this website : to do my digging.

Crown – 7th, Seventh Chakra

Color: Violet
Musical Note: B
Location : Top of the head
Parts of the Body: The brain, The nervous system
Endocrine Gland: Pineal Gland.
The Crown Chakra is located at the very top of the head. This Chakra is associated with devine wisdom, our spirit, our Oneness with the Universe, our Unity with all that is, and Enlightenment.

Third Eye (Brow) – 6th, Sixth Chakra

Color: Indigo
Musical Note: A
Location: Central Forehead
Part of the Body: Carotids, Temples, Forehead
Endocrine Gland: Pituitary Gland
The Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of the head behind your eyebrows. This Chakra is related to our ability to perceive clearly. Intuition, insight, and imagination are also associated with this Chakra.

Heart – 4th, Fourth Chakra

Color: Green
Musical Note: F
Location: Center of Chest
Part of the Body: Heart, Circulatory System, Lungs, Chest. Cardiac plexus
Endocrine Gland: Thymus Gland (controls the immune system)
The Heart Chakra is located at the center of the chest and is associated with love and understanding, limitless compassion and empathy and forgiveness.

how freakin nutty is that? but it makes COMPLETE sense. i was sending people away in green... because im sending them away with forgiveness. im letting it go. im letting THEM go. im letting go of all the hurt, the lies, the manipulation, the negativity... all of it. goodbye and good riddance!

so, the third eye chakra... pituitary gland? cushings... pituitary... intuition... imagination... coincidence? i think NOT!! :)

im trying to be open to new things, ideas and healing treatments. and ive always been told that i have healing hands... im looking forward to getting better, learning reiki and helping others. though i kind of do my own healing for myself and others, but that secret stays with me ;)

im looking forward to the 17th, though. i signed up to take an angel therapy class. my mom is supposed to be taking it with me, but well see. im excited. i love learning :) i may not have been the smartest in school, well, i was i just didn't apply myself like i could have... but when it comes to new experiences, im always open!

i dont remember where i was going with all of this but... stay open-minded. do some research.

hope is never lost <3

edit: ok. so i just did MORE research on that website... and holy hanna... can we say DEAD ON!! holy guacamole!

that is all :)

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  1. I love that you are finally opening up and accepting your spiritual side. You will see rapid changes, and everything will make complete sense while looking at it from the heart, but not necessarily at all when looking at it from your head. That's what it is all about. Trust and Love.
    Yay you!! <3