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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


can i have your attention please?

all cushings patients, possible cushies, this is for YOU!!!

this is a message from the cushiequeen, aka ME

we have what is called, CUSHINGS DISEASE or SYNDROME or CYCLICAL CUSHINGS or... THE UGLY DISEASE... OOOOOOooooooooo.........

well, NEWSFLASH: CUSHIES ARE HOTTIES! i dont care how much you weigh, how much stria you have, hair you grow, you are freaking beautiful, are you reading this? YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. CUSHINGS WILL NOT DESTROY YOU! YOU ARE FABULOUS! ♥

i know we all have our bad days, trust me... i've been sinking into the darkness so much that it's almost been impossible to crawl out of. i've been so incredibly sick recently that i've been on bedrest for two weeks. and i just... pretty much hate everyone. and october is a very rough month for me. while i should be enjoying it, it's my birthday month, my best friends got his lead role as an actor, i'm going to a wedding, i'm also mourning the loss of the 6 year anniversary of some suicides of a few friends and the tragic death of another. i hate this month. and im trying to stay strong, but this disease has made it harder...

but you know what? i can't let it beat me. i can't. and i won't. and you can't either. you are more beautiful than you give yourself credit for. remember that. when you're struggling and don't think that someone gets it, we do. when you think that no one loves you, we do. we're stronger together. and we will get through this. 

you're beautiful. you're a star. don't let anyone knock your shine ;)

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