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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

you failed.

you failed.

you're a failure

sorry. the surgery didn't work.

you suck.

are you kidding me right now?

is that really your answer?

you're ugly.

you're fat.

you're stupid

you're  slow.

you stutter.

you can't speak properly

you're broke

you're friends don't care

you're a burden

people don't care

how often do we hear these things from other people? scratch that. how often are WE the ones telling ourselves these awful things? we're our own worst enemy. seriously. i'm not perfect. i tell myself some of those things too. i know that's something that i struggle with daily. i'd like to blame it all on cushings, but i can't. it's something that i've struggled with all my life. ive always been too tall, too fat, too open-minded, too opinionated, too loud, too happy, too laughy, i smile too much,  too everything. well... too damn bad. id rather be too happy than too sad. im going to work on continuing to focus on the good parts of me rather than the bad parts. instead of 'failed surgeries' i wanna look at what went right- IM ALIVE. :D id say that's kind of a big deal, wouldnt you?

ive always said that there is a positive with every negative. isn't it about time that YOU start seeing how beautiful YOU really are? the more you see how wonderful you are, the happier you'll be!

while i don't mind listening to people be upset and vent, because, well, we all need someone to listen to us. lord knows i unload on some of you... whether it be through text, email, blog or whatever, when we start to see what we DO have AS WELL as what's wrong... things don't seem as bad. and then the bad seems less and we're less sad.

i'm not saying i'm not sad or angry or that you shouldn't be sad or angry or whatever but... look at the good. look at how great you are. see the wonderfulness that is you, instead of focusing on the 'failures'. in fact, try and erase that word out of your dictionary. it's something i'm going to work on, so why don't we try to do it together? :]

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