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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

im gonna hit you in 3..2..

let me get out my stick and beat you with it, please.

no seriously. i have a stick. a few of them. and if you know me, you know im serious.

i have my green walking stick, which was my dads, that i was using to help me get around after surgery. it was a step down from my walker. i also have a black 4 prong cane. and then my red/white tipped blind girl cane. but im not referring to those.

no, no. im referring to my PRETTY STICK. but you should already have one of those.

what do you mean, you don't? yes, you do. don't argue with me. i've seen it. and i promise, when i point out the obvious, ill be beating you with it, so get ready, k?    :)

you do realize that you're absolutely stunning right? and it doesn't matter if you're skin and bones or chubby? whether you're black as night or white as snow? you could have blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, gold eyes, two eyes, four eyes, one eye, no eyes... blonde hair, brown hair, red hair, no hair... you can have abs or flab... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

can't you see that?

the only thing that's making you ugly... is YOU. that's right. I SAID IT. you're allowing people to talk down to you. you're allowing negative people and negative thoughts to rent space in your head. STOP IT. raise the rent. evict them. take the trash out. YOU DESERVE MORE!


you know what else can be making you feel ugly? the way you're treating people. stop being mean. stop treating others like garbage. when you're mean to people, when  you bully others, when you are SELFISH instead of SELFLESS... you're creating an ugly soul... which brings outward ugly. and no one wants that. when you're beautiful inside, it makes you more beautiful and appealing outside.

stop comparing yourself to others. why would you want to be like everyone else? God created you just the way you are! there's no reason to follow the crowd. BE YOURSELF! be free! be creative! be fun. laugh. enjoy who YOU are. love YOU. be proud of YOU. look at all of the wonderfulness that YOU are. and let others love YOU, too.

so... how much harder to i need to hit you with that pretty stick?

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