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Friday, January 20, 2012

picture post since today we didnt get to picturize

before heading out- first night in cape may

mini skirts in december? yes please!
after a great night- straight up jersey style. uggs. pajama shorts. stunna shades and an oversized hoodie

rockin out in the laundromat

me and my chell bell
happy new year!

classic bathroom shot at the k of c

we throw gang signs like whoa- AC

inside of the tropicana, i looked up and was like, its so nice out, then remembered... we were inside
my superawesome mirror!

me and the collage i made for my cousin josh, that i mailed to him bc he said he was moving to MN, yeah... how bout an hour after i mailed the damn thing, he called me and said he was moving back to jersey bc he was homesick!!
exhausted after an awesome night out

these are old pics i found while going thru albums

 my 2nd birthday- mom me and grandpa

me and grandpa, 1984

me, annie and grandpa wayne (my dads dad. his real name is natale, but he lived in wayne... so thats what we called him)

just something i designed the other day. maybe for cushings awareness day on april 6th. i like it. one of the girls in my support group posted something about peeing on cushings, but i thought that was kinda gross. i like the elephant. and elephants never forget... so its kind of ironic lol

ha. this is what we were talking about today :)

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