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Sunday, November 13, 2011

a poem

i just wrote this
its untitled
but it felt good to write again...


so alone
so completely alone
in a dark well
where there is no light

but there is light
there’s you
isn’t there?
Are you still listening?

Save me

Send a rope
Send a body
Send a
A smile

Smile for me
Show me the way
That it’s not all dark


Believe FOR me
Believe IN me
Believe WITH me

Its harder today
Harder than yesterday
To wake up
To get up
To fake it

Under the covers
And hide away
From you, from her,
From the world

Don’t wake me
Unless you can save me
Because i
Im tired of saving myself.

Tired of being the one
The only one
Who’s love and trust
 I can depend on.

 It’s me against the world
Fighting for my happiness
My freedom
My sanity

This is my life
This is my heartache
This is my time

Can it be your time?

Show me that people aren’t monsters
That love exists
That friendship exists?
That im not the only one?

Prove me wrong

I’d like to believe again
In you
In people
In me.

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