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Thursday, November 10, 2011

tomato, tom ah toe... either way... :/

oh acid reflux... how do i love thee...

or not! freakin a! it wasnt as bad today, thank goodness. i think im gonna have to look up what to stay away from... tomatoes, anything acidicy, which sucks because EVERYTHING is... except milk... but im lactose intolerant. so thats awesome. but mom bought me dairy pills and they seem to be working.

mom read that drinking aloe juice is supposed to help, so ive been doing that. idk if its helping but today it wasnt that bad. tuesday it wasnt that bad. yesterday it was awful. like awwwwwwwwfuuullllllll. and i was running to the bathroom like every 10 minutes. but... i looked freakin hott as hell. it was AWESOME!! i slid into a dress i havent worn in, oh... idk.. 3 years maybe? i looked good. mentally/emotionally felt amazing... just that whole stomach issue. oh right, acid reflux. my dr said i could take my dexillant if i needed to, but im nervous so im not. im just gonna deal with it until i cant any longer. bc if i have to take the dexillant they up the ketoconazole. which may not be a bad thing, but... ive dealt with worse pain.

i think the keto might be working. ive been happier. which is a plus... unless im just on the up part of the cushings roller coaster, who knows. im really tired today. probably because i started the 3xs a day instead of the 2. and ive been running around like a nutzo. i dont remember what i did monday, but tuesday i sat at the polls for Colleen which was awesome. and she won MDJ so that rocks. I was there alllllllllll day... but what a wonderful day to be out! 72 and sunny! :) i was exhausted though. and then yesterday i had Beth and then I attempted to rest before going out with Nicole, which was nice. she popped my chili's cherry... acid reflux nightmare, but soooooooo good! and so nice to be out, lookin good, feelin good and having good conversation. today? today blows. im tired. sore. achey. headachy. dizzy. but... whatever. im glad the only thing i had to do was call to find out where i can have blood work done. i couldnt even move. and there was no way i was driving anywhere today.

but im so excited as to how awesome i looked... idk. maybe its vanity, but when i look at myself and i like what i see, i feel tons better! probably because cushings stole my body and im looking forward to getting it back.

i kind of look like a duck in the last one, but whatever, it happens. haha. OH and we got some of the prints back from our photo shoot... we are one good looking family!

ugh. now i dont remember what i wanted to say... oh right. my friends. apparently i have some pretty incredible people in my life. i spent most of today, while in pain, laughing. i love smiling and that my friends do that to me. i smiled alot yesterday too. and tuesday night. :) maybe its the full moon but ive been shocked/impressed/flattered the past few days. and i love it. i love how awesome my friends are. i love knowing who my real friends are. i love that im going to get better and be able to spend more time with them <3 things can only go up! im convinced :) and to hear that my friend wants to do a cushings awareness day next spring? that speaks volumes. 

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