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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

i knew there was a reason i woke up smiling!!

i did. i woke up with a big ol smile on my face! did i sleep? hell naw, of course not. I woke up every 45 minutes. and i was itchy as hell. and i was burnin up and i had a headache that wouldn't quit... but i guess, thats 'normal' for me now. especially when i had my dog barking at my door to let him in so he could snuggle with me.

dog snuggles, plus the sun pouring into my window... not too bad, not too bad at all :) i guess it's about time that the darkness started fading from my life. it only lasts a week or so, sometimes not even that long. this bout of darkness lasted longer than i had wanted to, but sometimes i just cant escape it. thanks cushings disease.

but ANYWAY, i got a call from my endocrinologist, who is freaking amazing, seriously. you know you have a good dr when they call u themselves, email your mom, and do extra research to make sure you're gonna be alright. so anyway, he calls me and wants to start the ketaconozole or however you spell it. im excited. actually, really really REALLY excited. ive heard more good things then bad about this treatment. yeah i have to cut out some of my meds, and take liver tests every 2 weeks and watch my blood pressure and the side effects, but whatever. THE ROAD TO RECOVERY BAYBEE!!! all i gots to say is... its about damn time!!! :)

and the cushie camp doc got in touch with me soooooooo now i just have to wait for our phone call to talk about me and the joys of being a cushie girl <3

and i know im more than a girl with cushings disease, but when something like this takes over your life, you tend to focus on it. and ive met some of the most incredible people on my journey- cushies and non-cushies. watch us change the world. :) because we will. and we are. one day at a time.

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