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Sunday, February 26, 2012

in case you forgot

Hey you!

Yes YOU!

Are you ready to hear this?

Well... get ready. Because these words are coming...

You have true beauty. The kind that transcends bad-hair days and sweat pants. The kind a mirror can't fully capture because it doesn't stand still. Instead, it comes to life in everything you do. It shows when you laugh at your own mistakes, and when you cry at someone elses heartache. It glows when you feel confident. It sparkles when you smile. It shimmers when you give. It doesn't need rejuvenating creams or carefully applied makeup; it's untouched by extra pounds. It has staying power. Because it's one of a kind. It's you. Other people already see the beauty in you. Don't you think it's time you did, too?

Love ya! <3

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