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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

morally unacceptable

wanna know why?

i am not easy. i will not sleep with you. if im in a relationship i will not cheat. i do not condone cheating. i do not condone lying, manipulating, stealing... if you're unhappy, fix it. i do not approve of giving underage kids liquor. i dont approve of child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, emotional abuse, animal cruelty, bigots, racism...
i am pro-choice. i believe in God. i believe in higher powers. i believe in the power of positive thinking. i believe if u have the time to bitch about something, u have time to change it. i believe that whatever u put into the universe, u get back.
i believe in reiki. i believe in counseling. i believe in the use of medication. i believe in the use of holistic healing.
i believe in fighting for what you believe in. stand for something, or youll fall for ANYTHING
i believe that everyone has a purpose in life. and if people are causing u nothing but pain and suffering- get rid of them.
i say i dont judge. but im lying. i do judge. WE ALL DO. we just aren't all vocal about it.
i believe in the power of love, not just romantic love, but all love. 
without my family i wouldnt be as strong as i am.
i have cousins who are my closest friends
i take too many pictures of my dog
i want everyone to be happy
i dont like intentionally hurting people, so i dont
anything ill say behind your back, ill say to your face. so more than likely, im not saying it behind your back
i walk with a cane some days.
some days i use a walker
i wear glasses
i were ONE contact
i have ONE eye. well, ok. i have two but i can only see out of one.
im a daughter. a friend. a sister. a cousin. a sounding board. a keeper of secrets. a motivator. a fighter. a SURVIVOR
i use music to heal my moods
i use painting to calm me down
making hair bows/flowers makes me feel good
i enjoy making people smile
i believe the world could be saved by random acts of kindness.
im all about 2nd chances, sometimes even third.... but you're not getting a fourth
im not malicious
i piss sunshine
i make it my job to get people out of bad moods. and maybe i shouldnt because it stresses me out sometimes
i smile through everything. no matter how much im hurting.
i would give my right arm for someone, even when theyve hurt me.
i get my nails done. enjoy fake baking. and hi-light my hair
i laugh.
i laugh when its inappropriate
i say inappropriate things.
i can be cruel, unintentionally. but dont piss me off. because i will make u feel like an ant
dont dish it out if u cant take it
i will hurt u if u come at me wrong
i enjoy debating. just make sure u have a good argument. i wont back down. even if im wrong.
i fight to the death
i dont drink. didnt know that was a bad thing. but i shouldnt be made to feel bad about it
I HAVE CUSHINGS DISEASE! whoooooaaaaaaaaaa "but u dont look sick" gee thanks. asshat. where that should be a compliment, and i guess it is. but seriously. im not all there. so dont get mad or make me feel like shit about it bc i cant fucking change it. so either accept it or peace the fuck out.
i sing myself to sleep
i have anxiety.
i have PTSD
i dont always feel pretty
i take too many pictures of myself
im loud. very loud.
i spend too much time worrying about others
i worry too much in general
im fun
i walk on the beach in the snow
i enjoy having sand in my car. year round.
i steal water from the ocean and add it to my bath bc i feel the ocean is healing
i tell it like it is. u dont want to know what i really think, dont ask
im an amazon
i love the color green
im addicted to parade day. and think it should be a national holiday
i dress in costume
i still play dressup when im cleaning my room
i love pictures. i take lots of them. of everything. of everyone. and i will pull over on the side of the road if theres a beautiful sunset or sunrise.
im a hugger. im a good hugger. but dont touch me if im upset
i DONT think it happens to all guys. seriously. it should be longer than 30 seconds. figure it out.
i love my smile. and my eyes. but i hate that people can see right through me. my facial expressions speak volumes,
i make blind jokes about myself, brain surgery jokes... but damned if YOU do. ill fuckin knock u the hell out.
ill defend my friends and family, unless i feel theyre wrong.
i think all children should be educated
i think college tuition should be a hell of a lot lower
i think this economy sucks
i think if u want welfare, u should be piss tested
i think. scratch that. i KNOW hanson is the most amazing band on the face of the planet
if you lie with dogs you're gonna get fleas
the company u keep is a reflection of yourself.
i think if ur old enough to spread your legs, youre old enough to decide what to do- whether it be unplanned pregnancy or an STD.
there comes a time where u need to own up. accept blame.
say thank you
say please
ask questions
dont be afraid to be yourself
when you're ugly on the inside, it wont be long until it shows through to the outside, no matter how pretty you are.

ok... so this was all over the place
but whatever.
judge me. haha. bc u know u already did :)

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