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Thursday, October 6, 2011

cushie secrets revealed... part 2!

caffeine: we all know it's good for our headaches. and cola is good for our belly aches right? but did you know that it also brings on the hot flashes? why not add fuel to the fire were already feeling! so what ive started doing is drinking caffeine free coke if i need to. and im trying really hard to stay away from  coffee... as an alternative for our headaches: place an ice pack at the base of your skull, or place a hot pack, or warm wash cloth across your eyes. i do this sitting up bc sometimes laying down makes them alot worse. and i try and stick to ginger ale... speaking of...

ginger ale: ive discovered Reed's Original Ginger Brew. It's an all natural jamaican style ginger ale. my mom found it for me. you get four bottles for 5 bucks at Giant. It helps. ALOT. It's expensive but does the trick.

Water Crackers: no taste, but they help. my stomach is always a mess and these seem to be the only things i can hold down. i love them. and when im feeling good, they're great with a nice cheese spread :)

cheese: cheese= migraines. so be careful

anxiety: ive been singing the alphabet song in my head when it gets really bad, or ill say the Lord's prayer... I also try and remember one of the happiest moments in my life: Novemeber 19, 2010... the day I met Hanson, they gave me a signed guitar and Taylor hugged me and told me he's glad im alive :) it may be cheesy to some, but i love it!

yuca root: i love \yuca and ya know what it's good for? inflamation and joint pain! <3 and it's like heaven in your mouth.

i also found this candy at Giant, in the organic section. I don't remember what it's called but, it's soy free, dairy free, nut free, gluten free CHOCOLATE! yay!

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