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Saturday, October 29, 2011

i sound like a pepto bismol commercial...

nicole, what kind of symptoms are you experiencing?
upset stomach, diareah, nausea heartburn indigestion, oooh pepto bismol...
apparently it wasnt as funny as i thought it was. but i laughed :) other symptoms you ask? sure ill tell you! dizzy spells, black outs, headaches, facial pain, back pain, numbness in my hands and feet, forgetting where i am, who im talking to, what im doing or where im going... itching, cysts, some acne, dry skin and i THINK my eyelashes are falling out... but im not sure about that one. and im not sure what kind of dr i go to for that... oh and the swelling, and bitchiness. my goodness. the incredible hulk is ready to come out... and she's coming out more and more... and randomly... *sigh* i kinda feel bad for those who get in my way, or on my bad side. i never really had a bad side. ive always been so optimistic and happy and, well, a doormat... not anymore :) one of the better things from being diagnosed. i dont take anyone's shit anymore.

on another note:
so, i thought these panic/anxiety attacks were getting less. and i guess they kind of are, during the day anyways... but last night. holy canoli batman! i was laying there, and my mind started racing, i started sweating, i could barely breathe and felt like the room was closing in on me... just as i thought i was starting to fall asleep. i didn't want to get up bc i was too achey and it was too cold and i was cozy under the covers, so i tried to breathe through it. that worked, the first time. and then i woke up again, 2 hours later, same symptoms, minus the sweating. and then two hours after that. and then four hours after that. some nights its so bad i just turn on the tv and listen to whatevers on to try and relax. *sigh*

oh, and theres a good chance ill rant/blog/post about the same stuff more than once. why? because i dont remember. and it sucks, but you're reading so i must be keeping you entertained.

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