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Sunday, October 30, 2011

why not be pissed off today

i just cant seem to kick this angry thing. maybe the medication stopped working. maybe im just tired of it all. maybe im sick of people and their drama. or people being lazy.

ha. lazy. that's a good one. i love love loved it when people said i was just being lazy because i was tired, or i wasnt working hard enough bc i dont have a job. id love to have a job. IM FUCKING SICK YOU JACKTARDS! i really just want to... ugh... punch someone maybe? becuase there ARE lazy mofos out there, and i see them and wanna hit them. why? because i CANT work. i would love to be working, changing lives, making money and living a life. but i cant. until im cured. and whatever. fine. im still having a hard time accepting that though. like, why does this have to take so damn long? smh. oh well. whatever.

and today its like all the stupid people were out. they were too afraid to drive yesterday in all the snow, so theyre out today. one car was swerving all over the place, another almost ran someone over in the parking lot, another lady wasnt watching where she was going and almost sideswiped someone else. wth. its like everyone ate a big bowl of stupid this morning.

i feel like there was something else i wanted to bitch about, but for the life of me... cant remember. there's a shock.

and now i remember. im so sick of being let down by people. seriously. if you say you're gonna be there, THEN BE THERE! what about that concept is so hard for people to comprehend? if you don't have your word, you have nothing. seriously.
see if i make any more efforts on my part. im sick, yeah. but im always there. and i make an effort to be there, no matter what. my word actually means something.


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