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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

when will you realize youre worth something?

i just dont understand some people. you're gonna sit here and bitch about how your significant other makes you feel like you're worth nothing and that they dont care and blah blah blah... and yet you're a doormat because you've lost sense of who YOU are. you dont NEED someone else to define you, you need YOU. it's sad and i feel bad for my friends who are covered in foot prints. the ones who think they are garbage. NEWSFLASH, if u keep accepting the poor treatment, he/she isn't going to be the only one who's gonna not give a shit. you can sit here and complain and complain,  but if you're not willing to make a change, then why is anyone going to want to listen to you?!

ive always prided myself on being a good friend, a good support system, a good listener... but my ears feel like theyre going to start bleeding!

you sit here and you tell me your problems. and i listen. and i offer advice, and multitudes of people do the same... gotta love facebook... but if you're not going to take the advice, then shut up. you wanna be a convenience store. good for you. you wanna be a doormat? enjoy it. BUT STOP CRYING WOLF. dont you remember the story? eventually no one believed him anymore. if you're set on making a better life for you and your children, stop being a baby and flipping do something about it! i am so sick of it. do you want your kids to grow up in a house with constant fighting? or one with love? because let me tell you... LOVE should be your answer. but godforbid you do that.

i just... the whole thing makes me incredibly sick to my stomach. and im ready to stop listening because it breaks my heart to see one of the most incredible people i know take this garbage....

and im addressing more than one person in this so if you're reading this, and you think it's about you... it probably is.

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