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Friday, April 13, 2012

challenge day 13...headache much?!

headache much?

one of the many blessings of this wonderful disease...

and we dont just get headaches... no no. we get PAIN that shoots into our eyes, the base of our skull, our temples, our jaw, our ears...

so maybe FACEACHE is a better word. oh it sucks, suckity suck suck sucks!! im having one right now. and its driving me crazy. its not as bad as they usually are.  but the one right now, is shooting from my right eye, down my head, into my ear, and into my neck. and my oh my is this one a pain!

i especially love that i cant take my migraine medication for it, because apparently fiurocet will just make things worse because of the types of headaches i get- damn occipital nerve! oh well

if i could go back for another injection, i would. hopefully the pain subsides so when i call monday we can schedule the second one.

and maybe my eeg that im having on tuesday will give some more answers. i am tired of taking drugs but... maybe theyll have one to fix me.

who knows.

i had therapy today, and that was good. i love talking to her. she makes everything better.

ok. i need some drugs. my head is spinning.

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