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Saturday, April 14, 2012

day 14... the official mascot...

one of the options for this blog challenge is to choose a mascot for your disease and describe it.

i don't have just one. i came up with a few... mostly because they represent different aspects...

the phoenix. the phoenix always rises from the ashes. the phoenix is burned and then reborn from its own ashes... and i think thats me. ive been burned, beaten torn down... but i keep on rising. this disease has forced a rebirth of myself. the phoenix doesn't rely on other ways or other people to reincarnate itself, to come back as something completely different. no, the phoenix comes back as a better version of itself... and id like to think that, im like that. im not allowing others to turn me into something. im not allowing this disease to turn me into something... even though it has the ability to turn me into a monster, i refuse to let it. im going to be stronger, and more beautiful than i was before. im a phoenix, watch me rise.

and then, there's the unicorn. "The Unicorn is the only fabulous beast conceived not out of human fear but as the sole single creation of mankind’s fertile, positive and ever hopeful imagination, a legendary creature whose power is exceeded only by its mystery. Fierce yet good, a symbol of strength, endurance, agility, perseverance, wisdom and playfulness, Unicorns are selfless yet solitary, a wild and untamable animal symbol of purity, hope, love and majesty, grace, finesse, and unconquerable nature."- Mayer, Marianna. The Unicorn and the Lake (1961) and Odell Shepard, The Lore of the Unicorn. (1930)
  how dead on is that? maybe that's why ive always had such an infatuation with unicorns. as a child, my dad would always bring me unicorns when he was away for work. my room was done up with unicorns, i had unicorn books... they're so beautiful, peaceful, and possess such a wonderful magic about them... and i am the unicorn. all of those traits completely describe who i am. This disease has forced me to 'be the unicorn', if you will. just one more reason im going to beat this. it's who i am. and that's ok.

and then i have a mascot with my friend, more like two. we are the wolf and the raven. they go into battle together, one watching out for the other, and they survive together. and that's exactly what we plan on doing, it's what we are doing. we fight together, we survive together. failure is NOT an option for either one of us.

the more i think of it, i think the unicorn is more my mascot than anything else... so now i need to create that mascot in picture form...

and here she is. my cushiecorn

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