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Monday, April 9, 2012

challenge day 9... ill sleep when im dead

my original post was too personal for me to announce to the world. we'll save that for another day, maybe.

so today, let's talk about sleep.... or lack thereof.

im either an insomniac, or i want to sleep all day.

i seem to get my best sleep during the day. at night i deal with panic attacks, night sweats, night terrors, peeing, excessive thirst... you name it, it happens.

right now im ready to fall asleep. AND i had a GINORMOUS iced coffee from DD (they're 99 cents all month!!)

it really sucks. especially bc at night ill lose feeling in different parts of my body. or ill wake up and think im completely blind because i open the wrong eye.

but,... im awake for my drunk friends bc theyll be getting home from the bar and ill still be awake. so they have someone to talk to.

i dont even remember what else i wanted to write about... hmm...

i do have to have a sleep deprivation EEG soon, overnight in the hospital. im not allowed to sleep.... no big for me! i rarely sleep. haha.

happy day 9

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