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Saturday, April 7, 2012

challenge day 7... let the music heal your soul...

let the music heal your soul, let the music take control...

there's a song for every feeling anyone could ever feel. ever.

make a playlist.
make a few playlists.
songs that will encourage you
songs that will make you smile
songs that will get you angry
songs that will help you cry.

do it.

or write a song.
make up some lyrics.
make silly lyrics
and dance
dance out your anger
dance out your happiness
let it go.

let go laughing.

ive got lots of playlists.
ive got friends who hear songs that make them think of me
i have a beautiful friend who wrote me a song
i have a beautiful friend who made me a cd.

it helps. alot.

encouragement songs:
courage- orianthi featuring lacey of flyleaf
stand in the rain- superchick
wind beneath my wings- bette midler
hero- whitney houston
smile- kirk franklin
make it out alive- hanson

happy songs:
the happy song- delirious
mmmbop- hanson
bye bye bye- nsync
radar- britney spears
everybody- backstreet boys
lookin for a good time- lady antebellum

why- jason aldean
whiskey lullaby- brad paisley
if you're reading this- tim mcgraw
via dolorosa- sandi patty (i think)

jealousy- brokencyde
im not ok- my chemical romance

just a few suggestions.
and then there's 'Nicole's Song'... which is everything all in one, minus the angry. it makes me smile, it makes me cry... and here's her performing it on TV... tonight ill be watching her sing it live to a few hundred people as she opens for Sully Erna at The Sherman Theatre tonight:

i use music in every aspect in my life. while i was in the hospital, i became addicted to danny gokey. his music just speaks to me.
and of course... hanson.
but then again... hanson is just perfect in every aspect :)

hey... they did give me a get well soon guitar ;)
if i hadnt been struck with this horrible disease, id never have met hanson, and id never have met lissa.

so thank you, cushings, for making my dreams come true :)

the boys signing my guitar

that's lissa on the microphone, and rock giving me my awesome guitar

thats me, after getting the awesome guitar , November 19 2010

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