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Friday, April 6, 2012

challenge day 6. nothing 'common' about it!

not only does cushings disease suck- the fatigue, nausea, weight gain, headaches, brain fog, dizzy spells, memory loss, pins and needles, hot and cold flashes, eye pain, leg pain, joint pain, bone loss, hair loss, stria, hair in strange places, thin skin, etc. etc. etc...

try having a 'common cold'

ha. common.... common my ass.

ive been fighting off a cold since... hmm...sunday? it's now friday. now, for a non-cushie, this cold would be on its way out... but no, no. not me. today i feel worse than i did when it first started. i still cant breathe through my nose, im pukey, got that post nasal drip thing, cant stop running to the bathroom, my head is pounding, im freezing... or im sweating... oh what a great day.

see... when you have cushings, your immune system is compromised. so anything that a non-cush would get, we get 1,000 times worse.

is it something we get used to? unfortunately, yes. but that doesnt mean that we like it. or that it's ok. or that it doesn't suck.

id love to just take a shot of tylenol cold and sinus and go about my day, but i cant. we have to be extremely careful with the medications we ingest.

i cant just take something, without consulting a jillion people.

case in point: my neurologist wants to put me on topomax. the endo said ok, the hematologist said ok, but now i have to wait to see what my eye specialist says. he's not in until monday, so ill just have to wait. one of the side effects is weight loss- so im hoping that happens lol. but the other side effects are pins and needles and difficulty forming words/sentences... which i already have difficulty with...

probably why id rather text/ type/email instead of an actual conversation with someone...

and then there's the injection the neurologist wants me to have in my skull. it's: ropivicane and depomedrol. and i have an occipital nerve blockage so... that's supposed to help. my endo said ok. my hematologist said ok... im just waiting for the eye specialist. again. but he's not in until monday.

having cushings makes it difficult to treat every day sicknesses/allergies/etc.

once you're diagnosed, you're like a guinea pig forever. which is ok. guinea pigs are cute. and they snort... which i do if i laugh really hard...

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  1. Be careful with the topomax. I was on that a couple years ago for migraines. I felt sick all the time...